Plenary II: Managing World Resources through Imaging Technologies

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     Tuesday 24th, April 2012
Time (hrs) 14:30 – 16:30
Chairperson and Moderator
Siebe Riedstra
Secretary General
Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment
Government of The Netherlands
Guest Address
Prof FJ Radermacher
Ulm University
Plenary Address
Matt O’Connel
GeoEye Inc.
Fred Hagman
Managing Director
Aerodata International
Bio & Abstract | Presentation
Brian L. Soliday
Vice President of Sales
Branded Products
Intermap Technologies
Bio & Abstract | Presentation
Panel Discussion
Concluding Remarks by the Chair and Moderator

Scope and Objective of the Session:
‘Managing World Resources Through Imaging Technologies’ is designed to bring forward an overview of world resources and its efficient management by effective utilization of Imaging Technologies. Firstly, it shall provide an overview of the several kinds of world resources and challenges associated with optimum utilization of the same for improving quality of human life. As we do know it very well that world resources are depleting and consumption is increasing and the same calls for efficient and effective audit and management of these valuable resources. Secondly the session shall provide an overview and future directions with reference to imaging technologies and its utility and relevance towards overall management of world resources including minerals, water, forests, and so on.