Plenary I: Geospatial Industry: Empowering Billion+ People

    Tuesday 24th, April 2012
Time (hrs) 11:30 - 13:30
  Chairperson and Moderator
Ingrid Vanden Berghe
Administrator General
National Geographic Institute of Belgium and
President – Eurogeographics
Plenary Speakers
Jack Dangermond
Founder and President
Esri Inc. USA
Bio & Abstract | Presentation
Ola Rollen
President and CEO
Bio & Abstract | Presentation
Greg Bentley
Bentley Systems
Bio & Abstract | Presentation
Paul Cheung
United Nations Statistics Division and GGIM Secretariat
Bio & Abstract | Presentation

Scope and Objective of the Session:
Plenary Session 1 ‘Geospatial Industry: Empowering Billion+’ is designed to bring forward a linkage between geospatial industry and world economy. On the one hand it shall provide an overview of the growing size and relevance of geospatial industry in world economy, which is believed to be 100 Billion+ industry in itself by 2015. One may agree with argument that several geospatial companies today has an annual turnover of over billion+ and many more are very close to join this group. Our intent is to position geospatial industry as one of the emerging industries and raise its profile amongst people who matters. On the other hand, this Plenary Session is also aimed at advocating the utility and contributions of geospatial industry as means of empowerment of billions of people who are making or likely to make use of geospatial information in their day to day life.