25-29 May 2015 lisbon congress center, portugal
Bio & Abstract

Arne J. Berre
Chief Scientist
Scientific and Industrial Research Foundation (SINTEF)

Dr. Arne-J?rgen Berre is chief research scientist at SINTEF ICT in Oslo, Norway, focusing on geospatial and environmental service architectures with Big Data and Linked Open Data. He is currently the editor for the ISO/TC211/OGC ISO 19119 Geographic services and CEN/TC287 TR 15449-4, Service centric view on SDI ? Spatial Data Infrastructures, and involved in projects like CITI-SENSE, DaPaaS and ProaSense on crowd sourcing, linked data and proactive sensing . He is a member of the Belmont forum on e-Infrastructure and Data Management for Environmental data.

Big Data Processing and Apps for Citizens' Observatories - The CITI-SENSE Approach

Mirjam Fredriksen, Senior System Developer, NILU
Richard Rombouts, Senior Technical Consultant, Snowflake
Hai-Ying Liu, Senior Scientist, NILU
Nicolas Ferry, Scientist, SINTEF

Within the topic ENV.2012.6.5-1 “Developing community-based environmental monitoring and information systems using innovative and novel earth observation applications", the EU FP7 framework currently funds five projects with a clear focus on Citizens' Observatories. These are: CITI-SENSE WeSenseIt , Cobweb, CitClops and OMNISCIENTIS. The environmental domains differ widely between these projects, covering air quality, water management, biosphere reserves, coast and ocean optical monitoring and odour monitoring, respectively. The CITI-SENSE project is developing a Citizens' Observatory for Air Quality as one of five projects in the EU FP7 cluster on Citizens Observatories, while all of the projects are seeking a best possible architectural alignment of their efforts. The presentation will present and highlight the CITI-SENSE approach to a GEOSS compliant infrastructure and the project usage of OGC, INSPIRE and ISO/TC211 standards. It will focus on how citizens in 9 cities in Europe now are providing air quality input information through mobile apps and mobile and static sensor platforms, and how this information can be visualised and analysed. Challenges and approaches with respect to scalability and responsiveness of analytics capabilities and data mining will be discsussed, in particular related to visualization for real time sensor stream analysis including combination with existing heterogeneous data with respect to predictions and the processes for monitoring and measurement. The CITI-SENSE mobile apps are developed through a cross-platform environment in order to easier support multiple smart phone platforms. The connected mobile sensors are collecting air quality data of various kinds together with citizens' subjective observations as part of a crowd sourcing effort of data and services from and to citizens. The staged data management system is making usage of both No-SQL databases, WFS stores and Linked Open Data as part of a heterogeneous storage management infrastructure. The approach is emphasizing the potential of the availability of the collected and analysed data as open data and the ability to make data available through the GEOSS infrastructure.