25-29 May 2015 lisbon congress center, portugal
Bio & Abstract

Mathieu Becker

Mathieu Becker is a geography engineer who has been working in the field of geographic information for 15 years (software editors, local authorities). He defines himself as a "2.0 geographer" and founded Isogeo in 2009. Isogeo aims to help public and private organisations using geographic information systems to make optimum use of, share and exploit their geodata. The Isogeo Platform – an IT architecture in the Cloud with SaaS modules – is used to gather, catalogue and share GIS data. Isogeo became in France the benchmark in cataloguing geographic data, working for public land agencies, local and regional authorities, Public Establishments for Intercommunal Co-operation (EPCI) and private companies. Mathieu is fond of geography and shares his passion with students at ENSG (National French school for geography). He is also Vice-President of Afigéo, the French organisation for geographic information.

Cataloguing Geodata: A Prerequisite to INSPIRE Compatibility and Open Data Strategy

Geodata is essential in the field of planning actions in territories. The knowledge of one's dataset is then critical to local authorities but also for their public and private partners as well as the general public. As of today, there is no such tool as to identify easily, precisely and quickly the dataset within the organisations. How to -under these circumstances - document and provide a catalogue of geodata? A prerequisite to not only the INSPIRE Directive but also the added value attached to the geodata. The solution proposed by Isogeo is a web platform, intuitive and user-friendly, that allows to simplify the access to geodata and their governance. The solution, a cloud-based architecture with SaaS modules, allows to easily make an inventory of, reference and share geodata. Then comes the question of “which strategies to chose to share and open the data?" Recent projects with French public authorities - communities of Grand Dijon and Lorient as well as Moselle Department - will illustrate this topic.