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Bio & Abstract

Nick Russill

Nick Russill established TerraDat Geophysics in 1992 providing innovative subsurface mapping services using non-invasive geophysical techniques to locate anything from unexploded ordnance, water through to archaeology and environmental contamination.

Using their expertise of making maps, in 1996 Nick and his colleagues looked to the skies and launched the internet’s most popular winter sports weather website: Snow-Forecast.com. .

Working with Topcon - a leading manufacturer and innovator of imaging and positioning technology, TerraDat Geomatics was established providing 3D surveying solutions with terrestrial laser scanning and photogrammetry. .

Recent roles in the survey world have involved consulting with the RAF / AIB for plane crash site mapping, and recording the UK's heritage sites, the latter interest turning into ArkHive - a not for profit venture aimed at promoting community 3D digitization of national heritage sites. Nick has appeared on Channel 4 Time Team and BBC1 Countryfile as an expert on 3D mapping and imaging for archaeological sites. .

In 2014, Nick established Landtech Geophysics - a subsidiary JV of TerraDat providing micro-seismic monitoring services for the shale gas and energy industries. .

Nick is an Honorary Lecturer at Cardiff University and lectures at the University of Glamorgan.

Laser scanning as a tool to assist energy saving on a large housing project

The UK Government in 2010 noted the potential for a 20% overall cut in UK carbon dioxide emissions linked directly to domestic housingstock. The process of achieving that drop is difficult given the very wide range of age and condition of the UK housing stock.

One solution is installing insulation to external walls, whilst this is clearly a desirable and relatively easy job, given time and access, it is time and access that is the main barrier to this work.

Laser scanning offers a rapid, accurate and above all else, un-disruptive method for measuring exsiting site conditions and enabling off-site fabrication of “plug-and-play” insulation panels for rapid installation and again minimum disruption to residents.

This paper presents and discusses the methods used to achieve this solution, using the latest terrestrial laser scanning, data processing and modelling software available.

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