25-29 May 2015 lisbon congress center, portugal
Bio & Abstract

Manuel Garcia Alvarez

Manuel Garcia obtained a bachelor degree, with honors, in agriculture science from the National University of Guatemala (USAC). His interest in information systems and spatial analysis took him to become a lecturer in the major of Land Administration in USAC. He was involved in projects related with GIS for water management and land cover/use mapping. In 2013, he graduated with honors from ITC Faculty, University of Twente in the field of Geoinformatics. Currently, he is pursuing a PhD degree at the same faculty. His research focuseson development of a system component in the geoservice chain to facilitate sensor data integration at big scale.

Collaborative Development of Smart Cities using Big Sensor Data

A healthy environment and a good quality of life are two of the characteristicsbehind a smart city. Problems related with pollutants in urban environments and living habits, are dynamic phenomena.

Smart cities are dynamic urban environments in which exploitation of in-situ, mobile and human sensor data serve as means to get insights of the cities. Demands are mainly in the development of real time decision support tools through data integration and exploitation.

This research project addresses the problems of data heterogeneity and suitable selection of processing methods in building information services that support authorities and citizens. With focus on technological development in the field of geoscience, it has as aim to construct a processing component that can be systematically reused to build applications, and provide information services that will drive citizen?s behavior and participation. Environmental monitoring, and healthy living habits are just two of the domains, we see as potential use cases. We present a designing approach that gives citizens a central role in the construction of smart cities, and a high level system design from which developers can benefit by innovating in the way new applications use big sensor data.