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Bio & Abstract

Herbert F. Satterlee III
MDA Information Systems

Mr. Satterlee has extensive experience leading and growing emerging companies. Prior to joining MDA Information Systems LLC as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr. Satterlee held the position of President and CEO of Novariant where he tripled their revenues to $58M in 3 years. Shortly after DigitalGlobe’s failure to launch their first satellite in 1998, he joined DigitalGlobe as Chairman and CEO where he successfully launched QuickBird 2 and won the NGA NextView contract. In 1995, He assumed the leadership role of President and CEO for Resource 21 and created an entire new line of information products for the agriculture market. From 1978 – 1995, he held various business developments, strategic planning, finance, and project management positions with Boeing. Other accomplishments include: Serving the Secretary of the Interior as a member of the National Land Remote Sensing Archive Advisory Committee and serving the Secretary of Commerce as a member of the Advisory Committee on Commercial Remote Sensing. He currently serves as a Board Member for the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation. Mr. Satterlee received his Executive MBA from University of Washington and his B.A. in Business Administration from Washington State University.

GEOSS & the Commercial Data Providers

As both a provider of products and services based upon open data, and a commercial data provider, MDA recognizes the need to strike the balance between maintaining a viable Earth Observation industry while at the same time leveraging open source data for both societal and commercial benefit. Many EO solutions that utilize commercial sourced imagery, also fuse other open source imagery and non-image data. The greatest value is realized when critical information is derived from these sources to support decision making. The ability for the GEOSS platform to provide value is dependent upon having a variety of data sources available for users. Free and open access means data is either openly available from government and to some extent from commercial sources. To make commercial data available through GEOSS in a timely manner requires commercial agreements to be in place prior to GEOSS having an event that requires the data. Most of these providers will be open and flexible to any arrangement which will not have detrimental impact on their business. In many ways, GEOSS is a platform that can be a conduit into various sources of government provided data supplemented with other commercial sources to meet societal needs. The increasing number of commercial systems that utilize new technology and therefore reducing the cost of the infrastructure, are providing rapid and frequent sources of data.

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