25-29 May 2015 lisbon congress center, portugal
Bio & Abstract

Taner Kodanaz
Director of Global Alliances

Mr. Kodanaz leads DigitalGlobe’s Seeing a Better World™ Program, a commitment to leverage our unique set of products and services to make people’s lives better. Through his global development background, Mr. Kodanaz seeks opportunities to catalyze and implement strategies for humanitarian and environmental initiatives around the world

Commercial imagery and GEOSS

Commercial remote sensing industry has seen rapid advancements in the recent years that now enables global mapping and monitoring initiatives. There are several opportunities for GEOSS and commercial industries to work together and make commercial inventory of data and information products, accessible on GEOSS platforms. An example would be how DigitalGlobe extensive catalog of 5 billion sq km of global imagery and associated metadata can be made available to the GEOSS community using OGC catalog service. Further, commercial industry is exploring various data sharing mechanisms including enterprise licenses that enable sharing of imagery and information across various entities. Further, we have requested resolution relaxation on our satellites to provide the best spatial resolution to our global customers. As the industry expands its offerings from imagery to information services, we see data sharing models being extended to information services as well. Commercial industry is also exploring some of the metadata standards that can make easy to use of multiple sources of imagery. One of the key steps is developing community sensor models (CSM’s) that increase the interoperability between various image sensors. We are investigating some of the technical aspects of image formats such as common ancillary data such as cloud masks and other image quality metrics, common nomenclature for band names, packaging of data (e.g. some imagery is packaged as individual files for each band while others are packaged together), etc.. which become paramount as the number of imaging sources is expanding rapidly. These standards help with GEOSS mission of making high quality imagery from multiple sources available for the global user community.