25-29 May 2015 lisbon congress center, portugal
Bio & Abstract

Mark Noort

Editor - Agriculture
Geospatial Media and Communications
The Netherlands

Marketing of earth observation applications

Earth observation has long been characterized by a technology push. This has led to a situation where earth observation solutions are successfully applied in some areas, but are underused in others. Most people are interested in what works for them and not in the technology behind the solution. Still, they want to know enough about a project or service to be able to evaluate what they are buying. Think of the example of your laptop or your car. Probably you are not completely aware of what happens inside, but you know enough about the product to make a balanced purchasing decision. With earth observation solutions this is usually not the case: people have no clue what they can expect, how reliable or expensive it is, and are therefore hesitant to adopt the new technology, even though it may be better than what they have now. The presentation focuses on better marketing options for earth observation applications and how the impact of the earth observation solutions themselves and the promotion efforts can be assessed.