25-29 May 2015 lisbon congress center, portugal
Bio & Abstract

JungRae Hwang
Principal Researcher - R&D Team
Spatial Information
Industry Promotion Institute
South Korea

JungRae Hwang is the Principal Researcher at Spatial Information Industry Promotion Institute. He is Post Doctor from Korea Institute of Construction Technology.

Korean Style Google Earth: V-World for 3D Geospatial Information Service

Recently, various researches in spatial information field have focused on the 3D geospatial information services. Google Earth is representative satellite imagery mapping service which can observe many global areas. According to the trend, we developed -V-World which is a Korean style Google Earth for 3D geospatial information service. In this paper, we introduce the differences between Google Earth and V-World, and explain services and the use cases of V-World. The V-World provides 3D building map service. In particular, the V-World provides higher resolution aerial images than Google Earth for major cities of Korea including Seoul and Dokdo, North Korea and global cities like Sydney, London, and Tokyo. The V-World also provides spatial information like aerial photograph and serial cadastral map which are commonly used on public and private sector and diverse services from securing publicly available national spatial information to serving various map service as three-dimensional map and Open API based on web. The representative use case of V-World was in G20 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit. It supported security service of G20 Summit leaders, using V-World 3D data. We are endeavoring to provide mobile version of V-World and developing various services and APIs to surpass the Google Earth's services.