25-29 May 2015 lisbon congress center, portugal
Bio & Abstract

Jessi Dick
Cloud Services Marketing Manager, Geo-Intelligence
Airbus Defence and Space

Jessi Dick is the Cloud Services and Online Partnerships Marketing Manager for the Geo-Intelligence program line of Airbus Defence and Space. She has been with Airbus DS for nearly eight years, and has spent most of her time directing the Marketing activities of the North America office. Since early 2013, she has been the global Marketing Manager for Cloud Services, and is now also managing all online partnerships for the Geo-Intelligence program line. Before joining Airbus Defence and Space, Jessi held various positions in publishing, journalism and website management.

Geospatial Data Management in the Cloud

Airbus Defence and Space’s Cloud Services represent an innovative approach to meeting the growing Big Data requirements of the global geospatial community. Geospatial data storage, access, management, distribution even rapid acquisition of satellite images through virtual tasking can be managed easily and cost-effectively. By transitioning all of these activities to the Cloud, Airbus DS eliminates many of the barriers that have unnecessarily precluded organizations from making full and effective use of their geospatial assets. Gone, for example, are the traditional concerns over the technology, budget, and personnel requirements associated with on-site management of these resources -- concerns that slowed down companies desire to scale up their geospatial business. This is especially important at a time when the improved imaging capacities of multi-satellite constellations such as Airbus DS’ Pléiades and SPOT systems are capable of generating terabytes "even petabytes" of multi-resolution, multispectral imagery. So rather than organizations being forced to assign scarce resources to store, manage, and access these files, Airbus DS takes care of it for them, enabling these organizations to get back to doing what they do best but with the world's best commercial geospatial data instantly accessible.