25-29 May 2015 lisbon congress center, portugal
Bio & Abstract

Elisabeth Leu
Project Manager

Elisabeth Leu has a Master's degree in Geomatics and Planning (ETH Zürich) and is working as Project Manager for Camptocamp SA. In this context, she has managed several projects using the MapFish Framework. Emmanuel Belo has a Master's degree in Geomatics and Planning (ETH Zürich) and is Geospatial Division Manager at Camptocamp SA.

MapFish WebGIS - An Open Source Webmapping Project

The MapFish framework allows to build rich Web GIS Applications in an easy and flexible way. It combines some of the best Open Source Tools in one framework: OpenLayers 2, ExtJS3 and GeoExt4 on the client side, and MapFish print, Ruby or Python modules (especially Papyrus based on Pyramid) on the server side. Besides the OGC-Standard web services, a MapFish protocol adapted to the efficient communication between Client and Server is available. On this basis, complex and high performance web mapping applications have been built. Among them, one MapFish-based project will be presented in more detail in order to show the power of the MapFish Framework: GeoMapFish is a complete WebGIS with large set of tools and configuration options. Since its beginning, the plug-in based architecture makes each application unique and adapted to the specific use case. The presentation gives a general overview of the MapFish Framework and demonstrates its possibilities with the GeoMapFish implementation.