25-29 May 2015 lisbon congress center, portugal
Bio & Abstract

Steven Eglinton
Founder and Managing Director

Steven Eglinton is experienced in the fields of mapping, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Information Management (IM).He is active as a Director & Council member of the UK's Geospatial Industry Body, the Association for Geographic Information (AGI); as well as being the Founder and Managing Director of 'GeoEnable', a geospatial and information solutions company focused on embedding 'geospatial' in business processes.

Improving asset management with Maps in The Cloud

In this talk I will show how Cloud / Web GIS is improving asset management in one of Europe's largest urban development projects, King's Cross in London. The Web GIS (Esri's ArcGIS Online) provides a complete, accurate record of all assets involved in the King's Cross development, both installed and planned, and this information is accessible to everyone in the organisation from planners and surveyors to board members. Every week, projects progress and new contractors arrive; all this data is regularly updated in the GIS, so everyone has access to the same accurate information. Argent called in consulting firm GeoEnable for advice on how to overcome its asset and project management spatial challenges, as part of a wider initiative to improve information management. GeoEnable identified how geographic information system (GIS) technology could play a key role in the solution, alongside new internal business processes. Most Argent employees use a web browser to access the Web GIS from their desktops. The Web GIS includes a 'phasing tool' that enables users to look forward and see how the site might look at different points in time. This feature plays a critical role in helping Argent to make high-level business and financial decisions, as well as project-level decisions. One of the key advantages of having instant access to shared asset information is that it helps to improve record keeping and phasing. By accessing time-aware information users can easily access what is proposed, when contractors are working on site and clearly see when projects are due for completion.