25-29 May 2015 lisbon congress center, portugal
Bio & Abstract

Dr. Gertrud Riegler
Product Line Manager
DEM Airbus Defence and Space

Dr. Gertrud Riegler studied Geography, Geology and Remotes Sensing in Munich. Before joining Astrium she worked as Technical Specialists (radar interferometry), Project Manager (commercial and scientific projects) and Customer Program Manager (geodata for use in automotive and consumer electronics industry)for a North American Company. At Astrium she holds the position of a DEM Product Manager including the upcoming WorldDEM product.

WorldDEM and GEO Elevation Suite - Global and Local

Digital Elevation Model (DEM) is the foundation for analyzing and modeling geo-processes on earth as well as input for generating any accurate geospatial products. Especially, in case of integration of multi-source data a precise DEM is key to a successful operational performance. Therefore, many applications require elevation information, e.g. satellite image orthorectification, multi-scale topographic and thematic mapping, infrastructure and network planning, aviation as well as defence and security related missions. Astrium Services has a long-time experience in elevation products started with a ready off-the-shelf 30m posting product since 2002 (known under the name of Reference3D). From 2014 on a new high-quality standardized elevation information will be on the market - the WorldDEM. The characteristics of the WorldDEM are the global coverage (pole to pole) allied with unique accuracy and quality. The 12m posting product will meet a vertical accuracy of 2m relative and better than 10m absolute and guarantee full homogeneity and seamlessness. These specifications exceed any other global satellite-based elevation model available today and will improve the performance of worldwide operating systems and cross-border mission planning. WorldDEM is intended to replace SRTM and is a quantum-leap in global elevation modeling. Since varying elevation models suit different type of applications, Astrium Services offers additionally a comprehensive elevation product suite consisting of up-to-date, precise products on different accuracy levels for any location on Earth. The elevation models are based on the company's unique access to multi-resolution and multi-sensor constellations including SPOT and Pléiades optical satellites as well as TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X radar satellites.