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Bio & Abstract

Alexander Aronsohn
Associate Director
Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

Alexander Aronsohn FRICS is a Chartered Surveyor with long and wide ranging experience encompassing residential asset management, commercial and residential development, rating, national and international valuation and investment. Alexander is an Associate Director in the RICS Valuation Professional Groups and sits on the various valuation panels and committees. He is involved in shaping policy and best practice within this area through his work on International Valuation Standards and International Property Measurement Standards.

Innovative Approaches to Spatially Enabling Land Administration and Management

This paper explores how, with only a small amount of investment, the development and implementation of internationally agreed and recognised measurement standards will support an improved market efficiency, providing a wide range of beneficial tools to decision makers - from benchmarking pricing of developments to the identification and valuation of ownership collateral for the poorest in our societies to an increased fiscal/tax raising potential from the establishment of a formalised land and property market (fiscal cadastre). A properly functioning, transparent and sustainable market in land, property and construction is a fundamental building block of any successful economy. The elements of such a market range from registration of enforcement of land title, to accurate asset valuations prepared in accordance with International Valuation Standards, to an adequate supply of professionals working to common ethical principles. One key missing ingredient that has so far been given scant attention at a global level is a set of standards for the physical measurement of land and buildings. The International Property Measurement Standards Coalition believes that the creation and establishment of International Measurement Standards are an essential part of the process to spatially enable land administration and management.