25-29 May 2015 lisbon congress center, portugal
Bio & Abstract

Richard Bru

Dr. Richard BRU is the President & CEO and founder of NOVELTIS France and Switzerland, a company which provides innovative scientific engineering studies and performs industrial research in the field of Space, the Environment and Sustainable Development. Richard BRU has 30 years of experience in space engineering. Prior to founding NOVELTIS he has worked as Head of the Scientific & Technical Engineering Department of a Computing Services Company in the field of remote sensing, space mechanics and scientific processing systems. He holds a PhD in physics as well as a Business Diploma from CPA, a French Business School.


ESA is conducting studies to enable new services based on exploiting several systems, space and non-space. In this context, ESA has contracted a consortium of CSEM, NOVELTIS, Ernst Basler + Partner, University of Geneva and the ArbeitsgemeinschaftWasserwerke Bodensee-Rhein (AWBR) to explore the potential of services in the water management domain. ESA has also contracted a consortium of NOVELTIS, Ecofys, SwissUAV, EPFL and Fingrid to evaluate a service for Maintenance and recovery of high voltage electricity transport systems. Both projects aims at understanding and answering the users? needs and industrials models. The first project aims atunderstanding water boards and water companies? needs to improve the monitoring, forecasting and/or control of availability and quality of raw and/or treated water. New services will be developed to meet users? needs with the aim to develop and maintain a resilient, cost-effective and sustainable water supply chain for the industrial/energy, private, agricultural and other consumer groups. The second one aims atproviding rapid, continuous and reliable information to Transmission System Operators for helping them in their High Voltage lines maintenance and recovery operations. The information are related to: the condition of their infrastructures, environment-related risks threatening the good functioning of their infrastructures as well as damages caused to their infrastructures by punctual natural hazards or human mistakes. Both project are focused on end users? needs and will investigate the technical feasibility and economic viability to meet these needs.