25-29 May 2015 lisbon congress center, portugal
Bio & Abstract

Thomas Staub
Chief Scientist

Dr. Thomas Staub leads the R&D team of DFRC AG, aSwissresearch-focused SME, as Chief Scientistsince 2012. He isresponsible for R&D strategy and project acquisition. Before joining DFRC, heworked as a senior researcher and lecturer in field of wireless networks at the University of Bern, of whichheholds a Master and a PhDdegree in Computer Science. He wasinvolved in several national and Europeanresearch and technologytransferprojects as researcher, work package leader, project manager and coordinator. He is the author/co-author of more than 30 scientific publications and two books on communication networks.

Sea Search

SeaSearch, an ESA ARTES 20 Integrated Applications Promotion (IAP) feasibility study by DFRC AG (Switzerland) and LUXSPACE S?rl (Luxembourg), targets to develop an added value service designed for maritime surveillance offering recognition of suspect behaviour at sea and identification of suspect vessels, combining AIS and EO imaging with special focus on areas with limited coverage. Maritime domain is constantly under threat from various types of risks, which may be political, economic, ecological or military). The threats can have a negative impact on the local, regional and even on the world?s economy. SeaSearch establishes a service, which combines several satellite surveillance systems (satellite AIS, satellite imaging; optical and SAR), EO video streaming (video camera operated at the International Space Station), ground AIS and ground radar data in order to provide a global, near real-time maritime situation awareness picture. Such a picture can help law enforcement authorities to detect smuggling activities, to improve safety and security of marine traffic worldwide and to support fishing policies.

It can be a game changer in maritime security and safety, providing global highly accurate, real-time situation awareness pictures similar to those that can be created today within deep-water areas using coastal systems. End users are interested in detection and prevention of illegal activities, which may affect their national water and their Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ). Customers of SeaSearch are looking for cost effective solutions that will be able to provide such data, being data management and fusion the most critical capabilities to improve maritime surveillance.