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Bio & Abstract

Franko Jhoner
Legal Consultant
Geospatial Information Agency of Indonesia

I am a Legal Consultant in Geospatial Information Agency of Indonesia (BIG - Badan Informasi Geospasial). My task is drafting legislation in Geospatial Information and providing legal assistance.

Permission Geospatial Data Collection Based On The Laws And Regulations In Indonesia (Law Of The Republic Of Indonesia No 4 Year 2011 On Geospatial Information)

In Indonesia, Collection of Geospatial Data is a process or a way to acquire Geospatial Data by using methods and instruments of collection of Geospatial Data. Geospatial Data that has been processed so that it can be used as a tool in the process of policy formulation, decision-making, and/or implementation of activities related with the spatial aspect of the earth hereinafter is called as Geospasial Information. Permit is to guarantee safety and safeguard of persons executing data collection and of the society. Collection of Collection of Geospatial Data requires permit when:
a. it is performed in a forbidden zone; it has the potential for danger; or
c. it employs any foreign platform other than satellite. Government Institution or Local Government in collecting Geospatial Data in a certain area, must inform the owner, authority, or beneficiary of that area. The owner, authority, or beneficiary of that area may refuse or recommend some other time for collecting data only if there exists in that area something that may raise danger to the person collecting data. Refusal and/or recommendation must be conveyed within 7 (seven) days after the person executing data collection informs the owner, authority, or beneficiary of that area. Person executing data collection may proceed with data collection activity in that area if the owner, authority, or beneficiary of that area has not given an answer within 7 (seven) days.