25-29 May 2015 lisbon congress center, portugal
Bio & Abstract

Marc Leobet
INSPIRE Committee Member
Ministry of Sustainable Development

Since 2008, Marc Leobet is in charge of INSPIRE directive at the Spatial Data Office of the Ministry in charge of environment. Head of the French delegation to the European INSPIRE Committee, he is chairman of the " Implementing Rules" Committee of the National Council for Geographic Information. Previously, he worked on pollution and risks in the same Ministry, including the dissemination of free public information on the internet and the urbanization of environmental information systems. Cartographer and analyst, he was trained to IGN-FR where he was land surveyor and responsible for production of maps by millions among other things.

Implementing INSPIRE data model for Flood directive: the French experience

In 2011-2012, the French ministry in charge of Environment have defined data models for the implementation of the directive 2007/60/CE (Flood Directive). In October 2010, the French authorities had decided with European Commission the importance to use INSPIRE models for Flood reporting to avoid duplication of costs. The draft regulation for interoperability of data sets and services, part ?Natural risk zones? was used as a reference for flood and exposure data models. A robot was developed to test data conformity. After the reporting, at autumn 2014, the directorate in charge of Risk policies warned us about difficulties encountered by State services in regions for data production. We have enquired them. The proposed presentation will expose which difficulties have occurred in implementing complex data models, with high-density of associations. It will stress how it could be damageable for European thematic reporting, and will address the cost/benefice of such models. The link with the Maintenance and Implementation Framework, led by the European commission, will be made, specially MIWP-5 about validation and conformity, MIWP-14 Exchange of implementation experiences in thematic domains and MIWP-11 Simplification and clarification of GML encoding for spatial data.