Traning Program (5 - 9 April)

Advancing Role of Geospatial Knowledge Infrastructure in World Economy and Society

The ‘Geospatial Way’ is the future and probably the most efficient and effective way to collect, process and utilize information in overall development agenda. It helps to identify, understand and contextualize challenges the world is facing today. The Geospatial Readiness Index clearly indicates that countries which have better geospatial institutional infrastructure and policies have benefitted across almost every key socio-economic sector, furthering their programs of sustainable development. However the challenge is an increasing digital and geospatial divide.

It is high time to invest in developing a positive and collaborative approach towards building geospatial infrastructure and policy frameworks. In the quest to strengthen Geospatial Knowledge Infrastructure in transforming economy of digital age, the training program is being organized to discuss the geospatial readiness of various countries, their eventual transformation model including existing and required integrated policy framework and most importantly enriching the knowledge platform adopting collaboration and partnership models.


Transform your organization as the engine of development in economy and inclusive society
Learn new Industry 4.0 technologies: real-time data gathering, analysis, and decision- and prediction-making capabilities
How to align with current trends for delivering quality content that drive the economy and society
How to build ‘Geospatial Knowledge Infrastructure’ that meets the global development agenda
Training Fees €1500

The fees entitles you to attend the training and all the programs of GWF

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