The conference will highlight the global view on location technology unification with business intelligence and its entire ecosystem through perspectives presented by the users and location technology experts.

DISCUSSIONS AND PANELS Plenary Session: Location Analytics

In this plenary session we are set out to explore how location technology in the era of digital ethos will make its mark in innovation and entrepreneurship to understand what incumbents and challengers must do, to position themselves as a thought leader or ‘the next big thing’ in real-time business models.

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The conference has been bifurcated into two parallels:

Location-based: Marketing –Advertising and Sales Optimization – Consumer Insights Discussion Topics

Social Media and World of Advertisement

Retail and E–commerce

Sales and Consumer Insights

Data and Privacy

Case Studies Discussions

Location Based: Financial services (BFSI), Healthcare & Lifesciences and Global Operations - Supply chain management Discussion Topics

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI)

Healthcare and Life science

Global Operations and Supply Chain Management

Digital Location Transformation – IoT, Big Data and Ai

Case Studies Discussions

Technology, spotlight, and discussions! A boot-camp has been never THIS exciting!

Location World Bootcamp will unleash the true potential of real-time location data insights in unification with business intelligence and fourth industrial technologies like AI, IOT, Big Data, etc. The summit will feature investors, venture capitalists, corporates, subject matter experts and industry leaders from the field of analytics, data visualization, geospatial analysis, data sciences, etc.

Agenda includes action packed thrilling sessions, panel discussions, insightful workshops, and a display of innovative projects by various people from the industry much more