18-19 January 2018, HICC, Hyderabad, India

What’s In for Investors?

A Journey begins with one step
  • We focus on partnership with Early Stage Investor firms from Angel’s networks to VC Companies offering opportunities to attending Early and Growth Stage Startups to connect. We focus on geospatial technology productbased companies on our bootcamp and starting valuable personal relationships
A Lunch in Hyderabad
  • An intimate lunch on house for Investors and founders to welcome them to our Hyderabad nawaabi edition of the festival. From 13.30 onwards
Investor Session- All Ears: Give Investment advice to Founders
  • 1 hour long book-in private sessions for Startup companies. Participating Startups in our index will have 10 minutes to talk to you and get advice on their company and their value proposition. Pay forward your expertise to young companies breaking into funding their companies.
  • We provide the book-in system and details and you sit back and talk to talented companies.
Investor Voice: You are the Boss
  • Investors: pre-investment companies on Stage
  • This public session has Investors feedback session for Startups who pitch their company, product and needs to the audience. Honest, unfiltered and public advice to help young companies succeed and learn from each other.
  • This session is invite only and pre-booked session.
Invest Stage: Let’s Roll Business Dice
  • With Funding comes great responsibility. The stage focuses on what the right funding is for the right company and how to get it.
  • We facilitate the question of what next after such meetups? We foster to look at what to do with that funding once it’s in place. We mentor when growing your company how do you bring in the right talent? We nurture the stage with formulas of organization pattern.
A New Marriage in Town: Ecosystem of Connectors
  • We aim to start relationships between Startups to Investors
  • A breeding ground for connections and relationships. Showcasing an exclusive marriage of connectors, Investment firms and Startups, attending the bootcamp.
  • We will facilitate the investment firm representative and the founder of the Startup to take their network relationship one step ahead. Then we let nature take it’s course.