Utilities Summit Theme: Smart Utilities for Better Future

15 May 2024


0930 - 1130 Session 1: Powering the Future: Harnessing GIS and Frontier Tech for Renewable Energy Revolution

Session Highlight

  • Explore how Geographic Information Systems (GIS) can optimize renewable energy deployment, from siting wind farms to mapping solar potential.
  • Discuss the pivotal role of frontier technologies like AI and IoT in revolutionizing the transition to an all-electric future.
  • Examine the intersection of GIS and renewable energy, highlighting innovative applications driving sustainability and efficiency.
  • Delve into the potential of advanced analytics in GIS to streamline decision-making processes for renewable energy infrastructure development.
  • Unleash the power of data-driven insights to accelerate the global shift towards renewable energy sources, shaping a more sustainable tomorrow.
  • Consider integrating GIS data with real-time IoT data to optimize the placement of electric vehicle charging stations, ensuring efficient coverage while minimizing costs and environmental impact.

Haitham Harras

CEO and Founder

Jorg Amend

Regional Sales Manager

Arkadiusz Szadkowski

Senior Business Development Manager

Narendra Babu Vattem

iSpatial Techno Solutions Inc

Dimitrios Mentis

Lead, Energy Access Explorer
World Resources Institute

1130 - 1230 Visit to Exhibition & Tea/Coffee Break
Visit to Exhibition & Tea/Coffee Break | Sponsored by : Marble Imaging
1230 - 1330 Lunch
1330 - 1500 Session 2: Utilities and Telecom Operators: Collaboration for the Future Decarbonisation Innovations

Session Highlight

  • Joint infrastructure investments enable efficient deployment of renewable energy sources for both utilities and telecom operators.
  • Shared data analytics platforms enhance grid management, optimizing energy distribution and reducing emissions.
  • Collaborative research fosters the development of innovative green technologies for telecommunications networks and energy grids.
  • Integrated planning facilitates the creation of smart cities, leveraging synergies between energy and communication infrastructures.
  • Utilizing satellite imagery to optimize infrastructure planning and reduce carbon footprint through enhanced network efficiency and renewable energy integration.

Rajeev Saraf

Lepton Software

Jasper Habermehl

Manager Data & IoT
The Netherlands

Bharadwaj Pulugundla

Business Development Partner
Verizon Enterprise Solutions
The Netherlands

Andrew Creamer

Satellite Data Acquisition Specialist
The Netherlands

1500 - 1600 Tea/Coffee Break & Visit to Exhibition
1600 - 1730 Session 3: Way Forward - Geospatial Innovation: Corporates Shaping the Transition in Utilities Sector

Session Highlight

  • Integrating geospatial data analytics optimizes utility infrastructure, enhancing reliability and efficiency.
  • Corporate investment in geospatial technologies facilitates predictive maintenance, reducing downtime and costs.
  • Geospatial innovation empowers utilities to map outages swiftly, enabling rapid response and customer satisfaction.
  • Enhanced spatial visualization aids in renewable energy integration and grid modernization for a sustainable future.
  • Collaborative partnerships between corporates and geospatial experts drive innovation, unlocking transformative solutions in the utilities sector.

Raghu Babu

Vice President - Geospatial

Jan Van de Steen

Geospatial Asset Management Expert


Fang Fang

Geoinformation and Earth Observation Specialist
The Netherlands

Cheng-Kai Wang

Senior Geo-ICT Software Developer
Royal HaskoningDHV
The Netherlands

Otto Ballintijn

Reduct NV
The Netherlands


The energy and utility sector globally is experiencing a paradigm shift, pivoting towards renewable energy sources that are progressively asserting dominance. This transition not only alters how energy is generated and distributed but also prompts a fundamental reconsideration of energy storage, supply and distribution methodologies. As the world rallies against climate change, the imperative to achieve carbon neutrality is expanding the sector’s agenda, emphasizing not just clean energy but also integrating into smart utilities for household and industrial use.

Technology stands at the forefront of this transition, offering solutions and advanced analytics that promise new systems and sustainability. Amidst these changes, the convergence of renewable energy, sustainability, and technological innovation is reshaping the industry landscape.

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Utilities industry professionals
Environment industry professionals
Technology and Service Providers
System Integrators
Policy and decision makers
Academics and researchers
Business leaders and executives
Community and non-governmental organizations
Entrepreneurs, start-ups and local voice