Utilities Summit Theme: Smart Utilities for Better Future

15-16 May 2024


The energy and utility sector globally is experiencing a paradigm shift, pivoting towards renewable energy sources that are progressively asserting dominance. This transition not only alters how energy is generated and distributed but also prompts a fundamental reconsideration of energy storage, supply and distribution methodologies. As the world rallies against climate change, the imperative to achieve carbon neutrality is expanding the sector’s agenda, emphasizing not just clean energy but also integrating into smart utilities for household and industrial use.

Technology stands at the forefront of this transition, offering solutions and advanced analytics that promise new systems and sustainability. Amidst these changes, the convergence of renewable energy, sustainability, and technological innovation is reshaping the industry landscape.

Session Highlights

  • Europe as Global Hub of Smart Utility
  • Powering Up Future: GIS in Renewable Energy Mapping, Analysis and Energy Supply
  • Leveraging Drones, Remote Sensing, Imagery at Scale & Frontier Tech to Shape All Electric Society
  • Telecommunication and Fibre Optics making in –roads for Utility Network
  • Utilities and Telecom Operators: Collaboration for the Future Decarbonisation Innovations
  • Integrated Water Resource Management, Geospatial Analytics, Assessment & Future Roadmap
  • Urban Waste Water Management - Sanitation Intelligence & Innovation
  • Way Forward - Geospatial Innovation: Start-ups & Corporates Shaping the Energy Transition

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Energy industry professionals
Petroleum industry professionals
Oil & Gas industry professionals
Power industry professionals
Environment industry professionals
Technology and Service Providers
System Integrators
Policy and decision makers
Academics and researchers
Business leaders and executives
Community and non-governmental organizations
Entrepreneurs, start-ups and local voice