Technical Session

UAVs Theme: The Promising Technology for Application Scenarios

16 May 2024 // 90 Minutes program


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and drones have been doing the rounds for innovative applications all over the globe. From their character to carry a payload to supply drops, they’re being made autonomous and custom-built. Their umpteen commercial use cases from monitoring, surveying to video capturing in the wild nature to urban spaces facilitate innovative solutions tailored to diverse industries.

Equipped with sensors and cameras, drones aid in environmental monitoring by tracking deforestation and assessing biodiversity. They contribute to climate change research through the monitoring of glaciers and ice caps precision agriculture benefits from UAVs in crop monitoring and soil quality assessment, promoting sustainable farming. Additionally, drones facilitate infrastructure inspection, renewable energy monitoring, and water resource management, augmenting various aspects of ESG initiatives.

Explore business approaches to reaching net zero. Leaders take to the stage to take stock of progress and confront the emerging technologies associated with UAVs. GWF, 2024, the 15th edition brings a unique opportunity to connect with, learn from, and be inspired by leaders shaping this industry.

Session Highlights

  • Innovation and novelty of UAV assisting technologies
  • Payload diversification and efficiency studies
  • Security and safety of and from UAV projects
  • Application Spectrum of UAVs
  • UAV imagery processing

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Drone and UAV Professionals
UAV Project Heads
Governments Departments using UAVs
Disaster Response Teams
End Users
UAV Manufacturing Companies
Payload Development and Assessment Researchers