Telecom Re-shaping via Modern Space and Geospatial Technology


The telecom industry is an integral part of the critical infrastructure of every country and remains one of the most crucial services today. Geospatial and space technologies are being utilized by telecom organisations (Telcos) in key areas such as network infrastructure enhancement, planning, development, user engagement, and operations.

As technologies, network elements, and end-user requirements are evolving at the breakneck speed, the telecom industry needs to adapt by incorporating the latest technologies. Additionally, telcos must also understand and upgrade their technologies for managing their business infrastructure effectively, securely, and sustainably.

This one-day program aims to provide a comprehensive understanding and analysis of the necessity, role, and impact of modern geospatial and space technologies on telecom organizations. The program will explore how the industry can be reshaped by leveraging modern geospatial, satellite, and emerging technologies to enhance sustainability and resilience, consequently empowering the national and global economy.



Geospatial World Forum 2024 shall host a one-day program on Telecom: Re-shaping via Modern Space and Geospatial Technology to facilitate discussions on reshaping the telecom industry by harnessing the potential of modern geospatial, satellite, and emerging technologies. The primary focus will be on how these advancements can contribute to enhancing sustainability and resilience in the telecom sector, leading to greater empowerment of the national and global economy.

SUBMIT INTEREST TO SPEAK Submission Deadline | 15 October 2023

Session Highlights

  • Need of Resilient Positioning and Timing Solutions for Telcos
  • Impact of Emerging Technologies (Edge Cloud Computing, Metaverse, Digital Twins, AI/ML, IoT, Big Data, Blockchain) on Telcos
  • Geolocation Intelligence for Modernizing Telcos
  • Navigating Telecom Challenges: Geotech Solutions for Profitable Growth and Enhanced User Experience
  • 6G Framework – A Way Forward for Sustainable Network Infrastructure


Telecom Operators
Telecom Equipment and Infrastructure Providers
Telecom Regulators
Telecom Software & Technology providers
Telecom Consultants & Analysts
Internet & Value-Added Service Providers
IoT & emerging technologies Solutions Providers
E-Business Service Providers
Academia and Researchers