Speaker Bio & Abstract

Katie Pickett Program Manager
Cadasta Foundation

BiographyKatie Pickett is a geospatial and international land rights expert with over a decade of experience. Katie has provided location intelligence and land rights solutions for international non-governmental organizations, governmental agencies, and social-change enterprise companies around the globe. Katie is Program Manager at Cadasta Foundation and was recognized this year as one of Geospatial Worlds 50 Rising Stars.AbstractLand and resources rights are foundational to the sustainable development of our societies, communities, economies, cultures, livelihoods, and sense of security. An estimated 70 percent of land in emerging economies is unregistered, leaving more than a fourth of the worlds population vulnerable to conflict, evictions, and encroachment. Fit-for-purpose geospatial solutions have been created to solve this global issue. The proposed presentation will provide an interactive, participatory opportunity for participants to collect, monitor, and evaluate land and resource rights while gaining better understanding of geospatial technology for sustainable development.

The world's first global measure of land and property rights, Prindex, will be used as a visual aid to contextualize land and resource rights trends across the world and poll the audience on their own tenure security. A slide-based presentation on land and resource rights will provide a deeper understanding of the ongoing challenges and successes of community-based approaches. Participants will then collect their own tenure security evidence on their laptops or mobile devices, and at the end, participants will be able to see real-time analysis of their own perceived and real land and resource rights security.