Speaker Bio & Abstract

Cathrine Armour Chief Customer Officer
UK Hydrographic Office

BiographyAs Chief Customer Officer at the UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO), and member of the Executive Board, Cathrine leads the global commercial activity overseeing a 300-strong team across customer strategy, innovation, product and service development, sales, business development, marketing, channel operations and customer services, to deliver marine data solutions that support safe, secure and thriving oceans.

Cathrine leads UKHOs teams as they deliver the organisations Public Task of ensuring safety of life at sea, meeting the UK National Security Strategy and defence marine geospatial needs. She represents UK Government at UN-GGIM and is a member of the Geospatial Commission Strategy Group. AbstractMarine data and its role in protecting our oceans and harnessing the blue economyAdvances across the maritime industry are driving autonomy, connectivity and smarter use of our oceans. As the needs of the maritime community evolve, we need to find ways to support the development of innovative solutions that could enhance our use of the marine environment.

Marine data is one of the most fundamental resources we need at our disposal to ensure safe, secure and thriving oceans and deliver a truly sustainable future for the blue economy. 2021 sees us entering the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science. Aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals, this means that the next decade is one where meaningful action needs to be taken that will define how we use our natural ocean resources in a sustainable way for generations to come. If we are going to rise to the challenge of managing our ocean resources sustainably, it will need purposeful leadership. Decision-makers need to be equipped with the evidence and the insight to guide their choices. In short, they need timely, reliable and actionable data to help inform decision-making, and this is where we are seeing the role of marine geospatial data come into its own.

To empower users for the future, we're continuing to collaborate to develop the next generation of maritime solutions. With data science, cutting-edge technology and new data standards, we're unlocking the power of maritime information so that the users of tomorrow can work more effectively and sustainably in the ocean space.