Speaker Bio & Abstract

Mykola Kozyr Product Manager

AbstractNext-generation geospatial data orderingGeospatial, and particularly satellite data ordering process is considered to have a straightforward workflow. It usually includes searching data in a particular area of interest, placing orders, and receiving data. Market requirements are much more comprehensive, and the solution should be dynamic to adjust to new data offerings that are constantly growing.

Solution builders are looking for parking lots that are frequently captured by high-resolution imagery on a global scale to create ML models. Service providers are analyzing the satellite coverage over the entire country's powerline system to schedule targeted tasking in near real-time.

Next-generation data ordering should be the data-driven decision-making process. The presented solution is the scalable location business intelligence platform fed by satellite data catalogs metadata and industry-specific vector data. Multidimensional data discovery over billions of data records supports tactical and strategic data ordering decisions.