Speaker Bio & Abstract

Gala Camacho Data Scientist

BiographyGala is a mathematician and programmer, with a background in education, optimisation and all-things data. She is the Data Scientist at Diagonal. She has worked at big corporates and startups within the civil infrastructure and urban planning ecosystem, leading analytics projects strategically and technically. Gala is passionate about using analytics to explore and break down urban and social inequalities. She sits on the board of Women in STEMM Australia, and the steering committee of Women+ in Geospatial. AbstractCities are increasingly represented by data, from structured planning and licensing applications to live air quality measurements. The digitisation of services, and the falling cost of sensor technology, feeds this representation. We believe more good can come from this data, if we build better tools. Current tools use discrete datasets to inspect single systems. In reality, cities are a messy ballet of interconnected systems, from housing and transportation to wilderness, food supply and air quality. Current tools donít help you think through the impact of changes to one system on another, separating layers by design. This limitation can result in narrow data being used to bring false confidence to predetermined solutions, rather than help those solutions evolve. At worst, the naive use of data comes at the unnecessary expense of equity and privacy. I'd like to talk about how we, at Diagonal, are trying to help change this.