Speaker Bio & Abstract

Tushar Chhabra CEO

BiographyTushar founded CRON AI in 2016 with a vision to use 3D sensing and build applications to realise the industry was fragmented and needed a platform to allow innovators to leverage AI/ ML in 3D sensing. Prior to his journey at CRON, Tushar worked on the Google billion user project followed by which he founded one of the first Political strategy and Analytics tool which was acquired in 2015. Building one of the first drones in the Indian ecosystem, Tushar believes the autonomous future is inevitable and will be the root cause of the next evolution. AbstractThe 3D sensing industry is fragmented and most growth has been seen only in specific pockets. The winner takes it all approach will not allow a sustainable ecosystem which is critical for a mass adoption and implementation of autonomous future. We need to learn how to come together and work with a larger vision. The industry has enough opportunity for all.