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Alexander Strotmann Project Manager
con terra

BiographyI have more than 9 years experience in Software Development and Project Management. My principle activities are Consulting and (agile) Project Management in the field of integrating GIS into processes and workflows in telecommunication companies. Qualifications: Diplom Geoinformatiker (equal to Master)AbstractDetecting business-relevant areas for Telco companies from satellite data using Deep LearningIn the extremely ambitious telecommunication business, it is highly important to know early and exactly about development and changes in business relevant locations to have a competitive advantage. Telco companies must set up their marketing and sales strategies, planning mobile coverages especially for LTE- and 5G-technologies and not least setting up the organizational processes with authorities for accessing these areas with fiber-based networks.

Open satellite imagery data and AI-related technologies are great opportunities to face these challenges and develop new solutions to help Telco companies empowering their business.

Copernicus data, with its open availability and more importantly its high temporal resolution, provides an ideal foundation for a nearly real-time detection of rapid changes. The implementation of AI algorithms leads to the automatization of these detection processes and moreover a precise analysis of vast expansive areas. Machine Learning and Deep Learning approaches therefore offer the head start in Change Detection, which will produce important insights.