Speaker Bio & Abstract

Esther Moore Head, Technical Sales/Business Development
Sambus Geospatial

BiographyEsther has years of experience spanning various sectors; including environmental studies, program management, planning and strategy. She also has an academic background in Surveying & GeoInformatics which drives her enthusiasm for promoting GIS applications in the health, humanitarian, commercial, government and environmental sectors. She works with a team of brilliant minds who constantly look to develop industry-specific mapping solutions for diverse sectors using these geospatial technologies. She loves movies and travelling.AbstractDevelopment of a Digital Cadastre Database for Sustainable Urban Planning - (A Case study of Durumi Region of Abuja)A digital cadastre database is a dynamic platform which stores the records of the extent, value and ownership of land. The lack of proper land records is one of the difficulties being faced in developing countries and this slows down the rate of urbanization. However, as technology keeps advancing, the necessity for carrying out planning, development and management activities cannot be overemphasized. This study makes use of the ArcGIS platform and remotely sensed data to extract land boundaries in relation to adjoining properties in the Durumi region of Abuja. GIS stores data in geodatabases which is used to facilitate the administration and transfer of land ownership, manage an accurate inventory of real property, describe who owns the land, analyse land value and associated planning improvements. The technology presented in this paper defines cutting-edge GIS methodologies and Remote sensing techniques; high resolution satellite imagery was used to extract parcel fabric and other features and then GIS represented it visually. The major deliverable from this study is the digital cadastre database which allows input from field survey data and the creation of configurable web apps to enhance inclusive and sustainable urban planning.