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Holli Howard Geo Data Operations

BiographyHolli Howard is the Program Manager of Geo Data Operations at Google responsible for the integration of authoritative partner data into Google Maps. In this role, she manages the Geo Data Upload website and the internal process of conflating partner basemap data and political features with Googles schema. Holli was previously with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and a Senior Geospatial Analyst at USAIDs GeoCenter. She holds a Masters in Natural Resources/Spatial Analysis from the University of Vermont.AbstractGoogle Maps: Partnering to Map the WorldGoogle Geo's mission is to assist people everywhere as they navigate, explore and get things done. With this in mind, Google Maps is constantly working to improve with more than 25 million updates made each day throughout the world -- including the latest road names, business addresses, public transit schedules, Street View images and more. However, the world changes at a rapid pace - and errors happen. When we see errors, we work to address them quickly. We use a variety of sources to get the most accurate, but data from authoritative partners bring the map to life with rich data quality. Geospatial data is contributed from more than 1000 third party data sources from all over the world. Some are large government agencies, but equally important is data from a local municipality, an NGO or a housing developer. We introduced a new tool to make it easier to upload geospatial data about new roads, addresses and political boundaries. Not only can this data be used in the tool to lighten traffic congestion and improve city services, the Environmental Insights team can transform key geospatial data from cities into actionable metrics to mitigate carbon emissions in your region.