Speaker Bio & Abstract

Kato Satoshi Technical Advisor
Kokusai Kogyo

BiographyJoined the company in 1987. Experienced in almost all surveying fields such as aerial photogrammetry, ground surveying, laser measurement, GIS data production, etc. In 1997, participated in Angkor Archaeological Park Topographic Mapping Project in Cambodia (ODA Project). In 2014, participated in the Keidanren 21st Century Policy Research Institute project (European Forest Research Team).AbstractForestry Data Management by Geospatial toolForests in Japan cover about 70% of the national land area. Of these, marketable forests such as cedar, cypress, and larch are 40%, and almost are reached the cutting season of more than 50 years old.

However, the number of forestry workers who maintain and manage these forests is declined and in old age. In order to carry out appropriate management, it is necessary to create data that can manage mountain forests and trees and distribute them after sampling.

In this presentation, we focused on the data conversion of forest trees that are currently in the harvesting season, using a drone that is adaptable to relatively small areas as a platform, and measuring the tree species and volume of the trees by laser measurement.

In addition, we actually cut down trees in the area, compared the amount of enrolment, and compared the cost and human resource input both in case of making the geospatial data base and not doing, and we verified how effective in case of doing data conversion. In the future, we will refine this method and make proposals for effective utilization of forest data.