Speaker Bio & Abstract

Alain Butzberger Founder

BiographyAs a traffic engineer and entrepreneur, Alain Butzberger specializes in helping cities, communities, and engineering companies to analyze and optimize traffic and security management.

Before starting SWISSTRAFFIC in 1999, Alain worked as a director of transport, environmental and spatial planning sections, project leader, and as a mathematics teacher. After a successful career as an engineer, Alain now advises decision makers in the fields of Smart City and Smart Mobility on how to benefit from new artificial intelligence and sensor technology.

From his experience in working with cities and municipalities, Alain knows the difficulties of handling traffic data. In the conflict between the highest possible degree of accuracy on the one hand and the importance of data protection guidelines on the other, traffic engineers often reach their limits. Therefore, Alain has set himself the goal of finding reliable and accurate solutions to overcome these hurdles. He is always following the latest technical developments in the field of artificial intelligence and is constantly working on new measurement methods that meet the versatile requirements of smart cities.

Traffic monitoring requires the development of new methods which are characterized by low resource consumption by transforming data directly into knowledge. The assembly of various sensors and the coordination between these devices is particularly demanding and costly. Hence, Alain advises his clients according to the motto: "Fewer, but smarter sensors!