Speaker Bio & Abstract

Ingo Baumann Partner
BHO Legal

BiographyDr Ingo Baumann is partner at BHO Legal, a boutique law firm based in Cologne, Germany with a full focus on high-technology projects in space, drones, geospatial, ICT, defense and R&D domains.AbstractUser-friendliness of GEO/EO clouds from a legal perspectiveThe number of cloud platforms for Geospatial and especially EO data is growing fast. Just in Europe, we can count more than 30 such platforms, some offering only data access, others providing very comprehensive data, tool, cloud service and frontend solutions. The more comprehensive, the more legal information has to be given to users, including general website terms and conditions (privacy, cookie policies, terms of use), data licenses, tool licenses, and cloud service conditions. As of today, many platforms provide such information in an insufficient way, restricting comparability between platforms and limiting user friendliness and transparency. We will present the legal requirements for GEO/EO clouds and how they should cope with them for increasing user-friendliness