Speaker Bio & Abstract

Mykola Kozyr Product Manager

BiographyGeographer. Product Manager at Aspectum - Location BI SaaS. Experienced in building projects in Retail, Real Estate, Maritime, Environment, Non-Profit and other industries.
Interested in Technologies, Analytics, FOSS, Innovations.AbstractDesigning Location-Time Analysis: Innovations in SaaSThe simplicity of SaaS platforms is now not enough for gathering users' attention. Cloud solutions should not be a simple replication of desktop software. The core value for every solution is an innovation now. In addition to innovations of performance and UX in location-based SaaS, there is a gap in delivering innovative approaches for location-based data analysis.

With the hype of Data Science and Data Visualization, solutions on the market are rather totally custom or shine with no analytical support. As the next step for Analytical Location Intelligence SaaS, we have challenged ourselves to develop an innovative solution for location-time data analysis.

Our goal is to let users explore hidden patterns in space and time. We have connected the pattern analysis algorithms with a convenient time-based approximation on top of data vis approaches. The UX is exceptional for innovations in SaaS, so the balance between simplicity and effectiveness is another hidden part of the solution.

In Aspectum we pushing ourselves to deliver innovations in analytics, constantly decreasing the industry entry threshold.