Speaker Bio & Abstract

Helena Taflin GIS Systems Architect
Integral GIS

BiographyHelena focuses on database modeling, design and development, producing mapping services and support in web mapping development. Helena has extensive experience working with ArcGIS Enterprise as well as open-source solutions such as QGIS and GeoServer, in addition to managing associated server infrastructure. Using SQL Server and other relational database management systems, she has designed and implemented complex databases and geoprocessing tasks. Helena excels at discovering underlying patterns through innovative means of data extraction, interpretation and visualization. She is interested in geospatial analysis and gleaning relevant information from Big Data sources. She received her Master of Science in Geographic Information Science and Cartography from San Diego State University in 2016.AbstractERCOT\PJM Connectivity of the PowerGrid: A Geospatial FabricGeospatial methods have utilized IoT long before the term was coined: The concept of inter-connectivity among multiple physical devices and data feeds. The utilities industry has been one of the early adopters of combining IoT with a Geospatial infrastructure to create a smart grid" from the sensors and devices, to the ingestion and processing of the data flowing through those devices, to the final visualization and integration with other applications. Organizations, such as ERCOT and PJM, have become better decision-makers through real-time and historical analysis of the grid at key points of time, all through the connectivity of multiple sensors and data feeds. As IoT becomes a greater presence in GIS technologies, it becomes increasingly important to consider the architectural implications to handle such large amounts of data-both absolute and velocity.

We present the case studies of ERCOT and PJM as examples of the power of weaving together Geospatial and IoT fabrics, utilizing different technologies and approaches. This interconnected infrastructure has now become a critical component to their ongoing operations.