Speaker Bio & Abstract

Fabio Bittencourt International Software Sales

BiographyFabio Bittencourt: Engineer with over 20 years’ experience in consulting, business development and sales for advisory and software providers. Has worked in the HSE, O&G, and 4 years now in Geospatial Analytics, serving different organizations providing Spatial Data Infrastructures: Environmental Agencies, National and Regional Cadastre, Mapping Agencies, Transportation Authorities, Natural Resources, etc. Has worked in 3 different continents: Americas, Asia and Europe, currently in Finland helping organizations providing spatial web services around the globe.AbstractUse of Strategic Indicators to Show the Impact of Geospatial InformationMost of the frequent concerns related to Spatial Data Infrastructures are: “What is the impact of my spatial web services" and “What is the impact of the open spatial data we provide" Until now, the impact of geospatial services has been usually reported as showing statistics about the number of services, number of requests sent to them and the number of downloads of spatial data from an SDI. These indicators are relatively easy to gather, but they do not describe the entire impact of data, so more advanced analyses are needed. This case-study analyses the impact of the Finnish Environment Institute's (SYKE) open spatial information. Indicators were defined based on the strategic goals of SYKE and data for the indicators were collected automatically from SYKE's services, providing environmental information via web maps, spatial web services and download services. All indicators and values were visualized on a dashboard, so that decision makers, product owners and developers of services could easily get a shared situational awareness of the impact of environmental information. Using the dashboard produced, SYKE could track their own progress on their strategic goals and provide clear and up-to-date metrics to help identifying development areas and show their success.