Speaker Bio & Abstract

Sanghee Shin CEO and President

BiographyMr. Sanghee Shin is a founder and CEO of Gaia3D, Inc., a geospatial software company in Korea. He has been involved in various 3D GIS, BIM, and Digital Twin businesses around Korea. He is now leading the development of mago3D, an open source based digital twin platform. He has much interest in how to extract the real values from digital twin.AbstractHow digital twin and 3D geospatial technology can improve the safety and performance of shipbuilding process: A real case from HMDIn this talk I'll share my real experience on how 'Digital Twin' and 3D geospatial technology can improve safety and performance of shipbuilding process. Just like construction, modern shipbuilding is a complex process involving the management of logistics, supply chains, communications, machineries, human resources, and safeties. It is essential to monitor current situation of ship yard and plan the shipbuilding process accordingly. Gaia3D has developed a digital twin based ship yard monitoring and simulation system for one of the world largest shipbuilding company. This system tries to mirror the real-time situation of current ship yard to the system, that is ‘Digital Twin’. The system provides not only visualization of large size 2D/3D data but also simulation of shipbuilding processes. Service data include 2D data(aerial photos, base maps), 3D data(factories, buildings, cranes), CAD data(ship design files), real-time moving objects locations(transporters, parts supply vehicles, shuttles), and other information. All data are merged and visualized on top of web browsers. By glancing at the system, users can understand what's going on at the ship yard and can response to the event quickly with simulations. This talk will give insights how digital twin and 3D technology could create values in real cases.