Speaker Bio & Abstract

Fabio Villa Geospatial Data Manager
Imageo srl

BiographyFabio Villa has a background in geomatics applied to Landslide Risk assessment and Climate Change impact on land use planning. He is a partner of IMAGEO srl, an italian spin-off company of Turin University operating since 2007 in Italy and abroad. IMAGEO is specialized in geology and geomatics applied to landslide risk analysis and management, covering a wide range of services from field survey to data processing and interpretation.AbstractApplication of Geomatics to Landslide Risk ManagementIntegrated landslide risk management entails a wide range of proactive measures to reduce the risk and minimise damage. Such measures include structure and infrastructure design, monitoring and remediation, early warning and awareness raising, land use planning, risk financing, capacity building of involved institutions and strongly depend on a proper assessment of landslide-exposed areas. Geospatial data collection and analysis mixed to a multi-scale approach can be the best formula to provide a practical, effective and economically sustainable solution to the problem.

A multi-scale approach allows the discrimination and zoning of those areas most prone to instability phenomena at small and medium scales. Regardless of the scale of the analysis, a cartographic tool as a webGIS service, with simple and clearly classified features has to be provided to the decision-maker in order to drive the decisions. As a further step, a spatially based Early Warning System allows to manage the Risk in real time and to intervene promptly. Risk/Hazard management system, based on a geospatial and geomatic approach have been successfully developed and tested by IMAGEO in the last years in Italy and abroad on infrastructures (Railroads, Highways and Flowlines), structures (dams) and wide areas (regional to national level).