Speaker Bio & Abstract

Charlie Davies CEO

BiographyCharlie Davies is the CEO of TravelTime platform, an API that can search location data using the time it takes to get there rather than distance. When TravelTime is added onto a website or app you can rank points of interest by the time it takes to get there. It can be used on sites for hotel search, restaurant search, job search and more. For example a job search website can list available jobs by commute time based on the jobseeker's home address. Charlie's is responsible for running all aspects of TravelTime including planning the product roadmap, sales and coordination of the company’s 40 employees spread across 5 countries.AbstractWhat consumer apps developers can learn from the geospatial industry e-Commerce retailers are very good at understanding which search result to display at the top of their results page to maximise conversions. This is because site search algorithms understand what to place this at the top of the page. But what happens when location data is required People choose to apply for a new job, book a hotel stay or enquire to view a house on websites because the location suits them. So how can consumer apps build a search that makes geospatial data understandable to the everyday user