Speaker Bio & Abstract

Eng. Rabeea AL Aghbari Assistant Head
National Survey Authority

BiographyEng. Rabeea is Assistant Head of National Survey Authority since November 2016. He finished his BSc. in Survey Engineer from King Saud University(KSA), MSc from Cranfield University (UK) and MSc from the National Defense Collage(SQU) in Oman. He was involved in border demarcation procedures between Oman and the neighbor countries as technical advisor and worked in different spatial database projects including production of different map scales.AbstractThe new development in NSA dealing with Big DataNSA is responsible for all survey and mapping activities in Oman and has been producing geographic data since 1984, and like any survey organization, it moved from paper records, to computer base. NSA has successfully turned into a comprehensive geospatial authority possessing modern and precise maps, and with the new projects and Establishing and maintaining the geospatial database infrastructure, there was a challenge of storing the huge emerging data from these projects and hence searching for a solution to archive and use most of these data in real time as the amount of data continues to increase rapidly.

NSA has established a framework to maintain its data in which all data in the production sections are stored in servers. For the raster data, a file base system is used. NSA is using a real time replication, at the same time a backup procedure is carried out. NSA is planning to expand the capacity of the storage and to use the cloud technology in the near future instead of purchasing new servers that take care of data privacy and security. In this study, the author highlights how NSA dealt with big data because of converting from conventional to digital production.