Speaker Bio & Abstract

Efren Diaz Lawyer
Bufete Mas y Calvet

BiographyEfren Diaz is a Senior Lawyer at the law firm Bufete Mas y Calvet in Madrid, Spain. Head of the Department of Technology and Geospatial Law. Specialist in Civil and Public Law and administrative litigation. International Master's Degree in Data Protection, Transparency and Information Access. PhD in Law (Thesis on Legal relevance of geospatial data and its impact on privacy. Legal interoperability of geospatial data").

Expert on European Commission for INSPIRE Maintenance and Implementation". Corporate Member of the Centre for Spatial Law and Policy (USA). Spokesperson on UNE Technical Standardisation Committee for Digital Geographic Information. General Secretary of the Spanish Association of Aeronautical and Space Law. Lecture on the Master's Degree programme for Bussines Law an Online Coporate Reputation at the University of Navarra.AbstractLegal Challenges of Geoinformation. Towards Legal InteroperabilityThis paper is about the legal relevance of geospatial data and the main legal challenges of geoinformation, with particular attention to the incidence of privacy. One of the main current challenges of geoinformation is the definition, characterization and practical application of "legal interoperability of geospatial data". The purpose of this paper is to propose legal and practical contributions and help find solutions to some of the regulatory, technical and organizational problems and challenges posed by the application of geoinformation in the legal field.

Studying the relevant legal issues of geospatial data and services allows us to reach a clearer, broader and more precise vision of the regulations in force, as well as the problems and practical way of presenting the reality that interests Law in administrative and judicial headquarters to a rigorous application of the legal norm. Geoinformation is relevant for the legal sector by allowing a better knowledge of the land, sea and air space, and enabling strategic decisions to articulate effective legal solutions and adjusted to the circumstances of each particular situation.