Speaker Bio & Abstract

Otto Huisman International Business Director

BiographyDr. Huisman is the International Business Director ant Tensing GIS Consultancy B.V. He has taught GIS at several universities and has over twenty years of experience in geo-data management, development and commercialization of products and services, spatial analytics and project management.AbstractFrom Geo-AI to Geo-BI: Planet Object DetectionFor data to become useful information, we need context, relationships, categorization and patterns. The process of collecting, enriching, and analyzing geographical data has traditionally been technical, expensive and time-consuming. Geo-AI (Artificial Intelligence) is one example of a rapidly developing technology for extracting knowledge from data. One specific application Geo-AI is the field of object detection. Organizations in many different industries benefit significantly from approaches to automatically detect objects: e.g. cracks in the road surface, or structures encroaching on a pipeline right-of-way. As a result, organizations can streamline processes and respond more effectively to needs, changes and problems.

Tensing has developed a Planet Object Detection (POD) platform for the automatic identification and geo-location of objects. This uses a deep learning technology which makes it possible to apply a trained algorithm to almost any kind of image medium, including satellite imagery, vehicle-mounted video cameras, and aerial photography. The presentation will discuss Geo-AI in a broad sense, and focus on what it can bring to Business Intelligence: Geo-BI. In so doing it will highlight several industry applications of the POD platform, review the main challenges for the wider deployment of object detection, and assess the potential of object detection approaches in the 5G-era.