Speaker Bio & Abstract

Dan Flemming Co-Founder
Render Networks

BiographyDan is a senior executive with 20+ years’ experience, both network owner and construction side, delivering large telecommunications networks across Australia & New Zealand, Southeast Asia and more recently USA. As the former Head of Construction at nbn Co. in Australia, Dan's deep operational and leadership experience brings to the table a unique perspective on effective & efficient deployment management.AbstractDigital Network Construction: Building a 5G future fasterWith the expected demand for 5G, modernization of the current fiber infrastructure is necessary so that organizations are well-equipped for a hyperconnected future. There need for ubiquitous fiber networks is clear yet the scale and complexity of today's networks, combined with booming consumer demand, brings a new level of pressure to delivery timelines.

The fiber industry is looking for the ultimate efficiency hack. In this session, Render's Dan Flemming, Co-founder, will introduce practical examples of how network operators globally are delivering quality fiber networks with up to 50% efficiencies and a 20% reduction in time to market. Key highlights include:

• The role of geospatial technology & digital workflows in significantly reducing construction duration and cost
• A digital deployment playbook that optimizes and executes your network build strategy in line with your strategic objectives