Speaker Bio & Abstract

Alexander Stavitsky Technical Director
Gizmore Europe

BiographyAlexander Stavitsky, PhD participated as a GIS expert and project leader in numerous GIS projects in Russia, international projects by World Bank and TACIS, got a Spatial Excellence Award in Washington in 2012.AbstractAggregating various sources of data without GIS software: Enrich your IT-landscape with spatial data with no vendor expertiseConventional way to create a large scale GIS is a “three level architecture”: database + GIS vendor software + custom applications. But it’s always a trap since one have to follow GIS vendor rules to store and analyze spatial data and even more important that one always needs a dedicated staff specifically trained to develop custom applications strictly basing on GIS vendor API.

To avoid this bottleneck let’s use just existing native database tools for spatial data storing, indexing and analyzing and combine database-driven warehouses with a numerous external data sources via web services (WFS/WMS/Tile). Also one needs REST services to integrate such vendor-free GIS with IT-landscape (ERP, IoT and Location intelligence data etc) already available on the client side and a controller for any CMIS compliable CMS (proprietary or open source) integration.

If added with Javascript or Python API to develop custom application with no GIS vendor expertise and equipped with a built-in admin console to grant privileges for user groups such an approach would bring a perfect launch pad for the companies which still neither start own GIS from scratch nor don’t implement GIS functionality to existing IT technology estimating it as too expensive and risky.