Speaker Bio & Abstract

Ramesh Bhushal Nepal Editor
The Third Pole

BiographyRamesh Bhushal is an environment journalist. He is currently associated with environmental news site www.thethirdpole.net in South Asia as Nepal Editor and manages Internews Earth Journalism Networks (www.earthjournalism.net) activities in the region as South Asia Content Coordinator. He had previously worked with The Himalayan Times English daily and BBCs Nepali Service. Bhushal holds masters degree in environmental science.AbstractGeo-Journalism as new way to telling storiesFrom media to multimedia, modern world of journalism has potential to make best use of geospatial data. It has been using some but there is an ample of opportunities to collaborate for better reporting. As the print journalism is dying and digital journalism sprouting across the world, its more urgent to capacitate media houses, develop skills of individual journalist to understand these important geospatial datasets to better tell the stories. The Third Pole makes use of data as much as possible and is also a part of global data journalism initiative launched by Internews Earth Journalism Network (EJN). We started an initiative called GeoJournalismtelling environmental stories with the use of geospatial data. Across the globe we have been working with thousands of journalists to promote the use of data in their stories. Media has been consuming several geo spatial datasets by outsourcing but there is the need to make newsrooms that are more able to use geospatial data and partner with data related organizations to better use of data that is available but not consumed. Those partnerships can help inform the public in better way and mass media can play role to help SDGs goal to achieve.