Speaker Bio & Abstract

Pavel Yalovol VP Digital and Geo Solutions

BiographyMr. Yalovol has 15 years of experience in geospatial industry. He started as an engineer, spent two years lecturing at university, and eventually became a project manager and then a department director. Mr. Yalovol is currently responsible for the exceptional operational performance the Digital and Geo Solutions department delivers to its clients. He is in charge of the day-to-day operations management and the department''s strategy development and execution. AbstractPavel Yalovol, Oleg Seliverstov | Intetics In Ukraine, waste sorting started a few years ago. Currently only in cities, one can find trash bins for different types of waste. However, there are few activists and NGOs which care about the future of our planet. They actively promote waste sorting in towns and in rural areas. To help those communities achieve higher efficiency of managing their sorted waste, Intetics developed a special solution.

In three selected communities trash bins for different types of waste were installed. Each trash bin is equipped with a fill-level sensor, while garbage trucks cars got location sensors. The solution collects the information from the sensors about the filled bins and the type of trash in them and sends it to the server. When a bin is full, it sends a signal to the server that automatically assigns the closest garbage track a task to collect a particular bin.

The developed system will allow local authorities to: a) permanently monitor the occupancy of bins, b) collect only the full bins, c) know precisely how much trash of each type was collected, and d) enable the trucks to follow an optimal route.