Speaker Bio & Abstract

Andreas Siebert Head Geospatial Solutions, Corporate Underwriting
Munich Re

BiographyAfter 7 years in the geo-consulting industry Andreas starts at Munich Reinsurance in 1995. His main focus has been the development of solutions and services to assist underwriters to manage their exposure to natural and man-made catastrophes by combining insurance information with (geo)scientific analysed with GIS-technology.

Since 2004 he is heading the Geospatial Solutions Team at Munich Re leveraging geospatial analytics in the insurance value chain. Today the focus is on the linkage between business data and location intelligence. Based on new IT solutions (e.g. Hadoop, SAP Hana, ArcGIS Portal) many innovations are aligned to geospatial analytics and data management, leveraging Spatial Big Data and other analytics initiatives in the insurance community. In numerous lectures and articles in the geoscience and insurance community he is stressing the benefit of geospatial and mapping solutions in a holistic risk management.